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You're overworking yourself to meet your goals but don't have enough time to properly write your own performance document - and you end up sending feedback forms to colleagues at the last minute. If this sounds like a familiar scenario for you, it's time to take a step back and change your approach to performance review meetings.

16 Feb, 2024

Have you seen the reports indicating that women are affected more by tech layoffs? What about all the DEI initiatives by the very same companies? There’s a concerning pattern emerging from layoffs. What can we do to be prepared?

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23 Feb, 2024

Did your company unintentionally undermine its own efforts towards DEI through unbalanced layoffs? Worse yet, are you unsure whether your layoffs disproportionately affected underrepresented groups — because you don't (or can't) track employee data?

The good news is, you don't actually need to have this data. What's crucial is ensuring that the criteria you use for layoff decisions are designed fairly. How do we do that?

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